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«Сross In Wood» - this is a production company, a subsidiary of PROMSTROYLES, which operates in the market of production of construction materials from wood since 1996. It has two high-tech plants, produces laminated veneer lumber, frame panels, glued logs, modular houses, round logs and the first in Russia for the production of CLT (X-Lam), a technology that conquers Western markets by leaps and bounds.

«Сross In Wood» - this is a partnership program, a system of production and supply of wall, and not only materials for the implementation of almost all types of wooden houses - from half - timbered to frame, at a price-from economy to premium. At the same time, there is only one supplier - a clear and reliable partner.

Opportunities for your business

  • Speed. All production can be made under warehousing – so, term of execution of the order is reduced to 1 hour from the moment of payment before shipment.
  • Price. The product on the flow with fixed dimensions is cheaper than exclusive.
  • Quality. The product is factory quality, ready for installation and, thanks to the principle of modularity, without errors in size, which gives full compatibility and the absence of unpleasant surprises during installation.
  • Ease of design. It would seem that modules are a limitation of creative thought. But we need to look wider - it's just incredible, tremendous opportunities, especially for auto-design. With the proper approach and software, your customers will be able to design their own homes right on your site, play with these pictures, immediately see how much it costs. Anyone who understands these advantages and realizes the full potential will win the market. And this also applies to design organizations-these are your opportunities, not limitations.
  • Mobility. The ease of packaging and transportation will allow you to implement your projects anywhere in the world.
  • Realization. And, most importantly: sales to your customers. Look at the points above, all these advantages will help to win customers ' trust. And also to expand the sales funnel, because now you can implement high quality projects in a wide price and territorial range.

How to become a partner?

The main thing is your desire!

Call – tel. 8 (812) 604-38-05
Write – e-mail: info@crossinwood.com
Arrive – office address: Russia, St. Petersburg, Gribaleva str., 12
Fill in the application form on the website.


To obtain the benefits of cooperation

Register on the site and get not only a good price for the products «Cross in Wood», and other unique personal account:

  • Purchase of products with a discount of 5% and order history;
  • Autoprotection given personal prices;
  • Table of calculation of cost of the house and albums of standard knots;
  • Questions to designers and design request.


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