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Glued Cross-Panel «CrossPanel»™

The essence of the product: glued Cross-Panel «CrossPanel»™

Cross-Panel - made using Cross Laminated Timber (CLT or X-Lam) technology - cross-glued wood. Massive structural monolithic slab made of wooden slats. A real alternative to reinforced concrete – multi-story buildings can also be built from CLT.

Cross-Panel assembly outline

Glued Cross-Panel «CrossPanel»™ - 1 Glued Cross-Panel «CrossPanel»™ - 2 Assembly of glued Cross-Panels «CrossPanel»™

Cross-Panel – is:

- Speed of construction. Due to the modularity of the components, it is in stock and thus no additional waiting for delivery. Due to its lightness, it can be assembled quickly.

- Factory quality. All elements are manufactured in the factory. Advanced technologies and equipment are used. Only quality wood chamber drying.

- Mobility. Due to its lightness, 6 times lighter than concrete, and compact dimensions, the house set can be delivered to anywhere in Russia quickly and inexpensively, even off-road.

- Energy efficiency. Low thermal conductivity (0,13 W/mK) and high specific heat (2,10 kJ/kg).

- No shrinkage/settlement. Stability of dimensions and static strength in all directions. Unlike the classic glued logs there is no shrinkage, which means it is much easier to put doors, windows, partitions and you can immediately move into the house.

- Universality. The possibility of using glued Cross-Panels not only for external and internal walls, but also as floor slab to divide the stories.


Glued Cross-Panel «CrossPanel»™ - is the most modern and technological structural material from wood.


Price for glued Cross-Panel «CrossPanel»™

Photo Designation Dimensions, mm Price / 1 PC. Quantity Total price
1 CSP-01.1 CSP-01.1 2950*1060*120 15010 rub. 0 rub.
2 CSP-01.2 CSP-01.2 2950*1120*120 15859 rub. 0 rub.
3 CSP-03 CSP-03 2950*3000*120 42480 rub. 0 rub.
4 CSP-06 CSP-06 2950*6000*120 84960 rub. 0 rub.
5 CSP-09 CSP-09 2950*9000*120 127440 rub. 0 rub.
Total: 0 rub.

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