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Glued Cross-Log «CrossLog»™

Суть продукта: клееное Кросс-Бревно «CrossLog»™

Insulated glued Cross-Log «CrossLog»™

Profile «CrossLog»™

Profile d 230 мм «CrossLog»™ Profile d 270 мм «CrossLog»™



Price for glued Cross-Log «CrossLog»™

Photo Designation Presence Length* Price / 1 PC. Quantity Total price
Glued cross-log «CrossLog»™ Ø 230 mm
1 CSL230-08 CSL230-08 Under the order 6 м 5200 rub. 0 rub.
2 CSL230-06 CSL230-06 Under the order 4,5 м 4400 rub. 0 rub.
3 CSL230-04 CSL230-04 Under the order 3 м 3600 rub. 0 rub.
4 CSL230-02 CSL230-02 Under the order 2 м 2400 rub. 0 rub.
5 CSL230-09 CSL230-09 Under the order 6 м 4000 rub. 0 rub.
Glued cross-log «CrossLog»™ Ø 270 mm
1 CSL270-08 CSL270-08 Under the order 6 м 9200 rub. 0 rub.
2 CSL270-06 CSL270-06 Under the order 4,5 м 7600 rub. 0 rub.
3 CSL270-04 CSL270-04 Under the order 3 м 6000 rub. 0 rub.
4 CSL270-02 CSL270-02 Under the order 2 м 4400 rub. 0 rub.
5 CSL270-09 CSL270-09 Under the order 6 м 7600 rub. 0 rub.
Total: 0 rub.

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Cross-Log – is:

- Premium appearance. Externally, houses from the Cross-Log are no different from expensive houses from glued logs. Besides, in reality they are made using the same technology.

- Savings. A wall set from the Cross-Log will cost much cheaper than glued logs. No special equipment is required during the assembly. No finishing is necessary.

- Speed of construction. Due to the modularity of the components, it is in stock and thus no additional waiting for delivery. Due to its lightness, it can be assembled quickly.

- Factory quality. All elements are manufactured in the factory. Advanced technologies and equipment are used. Only quality wood chamber drying.

- Mobility. Due to its lightness, 6 times lighter than concrete, and compact dimensions, the house set can be delivered to anywhere in Russia quickly and inexpensively, even off-road.

- Energy efficiency. Due to the wide possibilities for the use of any insulation, it is easy to achieve the normative indicators of heat transfer resistance for a house of permanent residence.

- No shrinkage/settlement. Unlike the classic glued logs there is no shrinkage, which means it is much easier to put doors, windows, partitions and you can immediately move into the house.


Glued Cross-Log «CrossLog»™ - is the most modern and technological structural material from wood.

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