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About company «Сross In Wood»

«Сross In Wood» - this is a production company, a subsidiary of the company "PROMSTROYLES", which works in the market of production of building materials out of wood since 1996. It has two high-tech plants, produces laminated veneer lumber, frame panels, glued logs, modular houses, logs and the first in Russia for the production of CLT (X-Lam), a technology that conquers Western markets by leaps and bounds.

«Сross In Wood» - this is a partnership program, a system of production and supply of wall, and not only materials for the implementation of almost all types of wooden houses - from half - timbered to frame, at a price-from economy to premium. At the same time, the supplier is one - clear and reliable partner.

What we offer

We invite you to become our partner dealer of the products that we produce. We present you a product grid of 12 items: 7 unique products that have no competitors, 1 world bestseller on which the whole construction world is going crazy, and 4 classic.

FOR YOU: - The order of any production from the presented grid. - Support design - Drafting of specifications. - Provision of exhibition samples. - Technical support via hotline with a personal Manager. - Letter of credit reference to the company.

FOR DEALERS: - Organization of a wide network. - The possibility of concluding an exclusive dealer agreement in a limited area. - Advertising support of products.


All 12 names we make on the production lines in St. Petersburg.

All have one feature - all products are produced by segments, modules and assembled into a product on the principle of the designer. That is, each product has a given size with a certain step and constructive for splicing.

All products are compatible with each other! Each product is self-contained, but at the same time it is compatible with any other (or several) of the grid. So you can order the kit for the frame timber Framing, filling "CorkBrus", partition "UniCork" overlap "RoofBeam". This is just one example - and there can be an infinite number of such variations. So we say "product grid", not"line".

Why we offer?

- Availability of own high-tech production with large capacity and the possibility to expand. I will not deny that the company Promstroyles focused primarily on premium and elite class, and orders from Europe, Asia, Australia already prevailed over the Russian. But changes in the market and a careful study of the possibilities of production lines have shown that high-tech production brings much more profit in an affordable, mass segment. The highest quality and affordable price will always be in demand. That is why Cross in wood was founded and a production program was developed based on the grid of products, which we present to you.

- Cross IN wood - it is a manufacturing company. We do not build and are not engaged in retail trade therefore we look for reliable, constant partners through whom our production will reach the end consumer.

- The market is ready for innovation. This is a true statement for the civilized world, but as always, Russia is a special case. We used all our experience and knowledge of specifics of the Russian market, and also practices of the Western companies to bring to the market a product of a classical look, but innovative, hi-tech therefore to it there is no rejection and wariness, and there is an interest, desire to understand, desire to get. The classical and understandable form of products also removes all questions from builders and design organizations - it is clear to them how to build from this, how to design without additional training and the purchase of new tools. Our research has shown that 95% of construction and design organizations (including foreign ones), with whom we communicated, accepted the products with approval and interest and are ready to work with it. We presented our "locomotive" product "CrossBrus" TM at the exhibition of suburban housing in St. Petersburg in 2018, where 82% of respondents at the stand of people, already end users, expressed a desire to consider "CrossBrus" TM as a wall material for their home. The prospect of building a house that looks like a house of laminated veneer lumber, but 3 times warmer and 2 times cheaper than conventional laminated veneer lumber, literally inspired buyers.

- Market changes. Everything in the world is more expensive, and in Russia it is especially noticeable. Incomes of the population do not grow, purchasing power falls. At the same time, the consumer is already accustomed to quality, does not want to give it up, but can no longer buy. Our products fit perfectly into these realities - we offer high quality products at an affordable price. This is achieved by the introduction of innovations and the presence of high-tech equipment.

The first time

Be the first and get the advantage. Dear colleagues, we are a company that has been on the market for more than 20 years and we know everything about wooden houses! We are a company, including with an international reputation, respected in Europe, Asia, Canada. We are innovators by nature and try to bring to the Russian all the best and modern that is associated with wooden housing. This partnership program, including technical equipment, we have been developing since 2016 and planned to launch it in November 2018. Due to the specifics of production (all purchased machines are foreign), it so happened that our European and South Korean colleagues knew about our plans in 2017 and contracts have already been signed with them, so some of our capacities will work for export. Due to the current global situation around Russia, and the consequences, primarily financial, in the domestic market, we have decided to start earlier - as to waste time will be an unacceptable luxury, although not yet fully prepared. Production still has its limits and those who will be the first to receive all the privileges and benefits, as the number of partners will be limited. Our task is to load the production at 100% capacity as soon as possible. Wood is the best building material!

How to become a partner?

The main thing is your desire!

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Write - el.mail: info@crossinwood.com
Come - office address: St.-Petersburg, street Gribalevoy, d. 12
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